welcome to my ego

Whether by some complicated series of randomized clicks, or by recommendation, or by my personal insistence, you have apparently found your way to my blog.

Congratulations. You are among a chosen few who will be subjected to my unbridled ego, which I do my best to keep in check in public spaces.

Here, you will find my musings on a multitude of topics, whether they interest you or not. I’m a rather loud person in some ways (e.g. geek stuff), but there’s a lot that I keep quiet outside of my own circles (e.g. grown up stuff). There’s also stuff I like to adorn my home, my office, and myself with (e.g. things to throw money at, things to throw in your mouth, things worth throwing yourself at).



homemade phone case insert featuring one of my favourite pieces by artist lora zombie. buy her art here: www.eyesonwalls.com/lorazombie and may the shameless promotion begin!




miscribbles: yvr

the smell of YVR
is the same as ever
smoky, stale and rain-drenched
i have said a million
good-byes breathing that air
thankfully, each lungful
numbs my insides some
’til i can say good-bye
without batting an eye
without fighting back tears
without struggling for words
that must last ’til next time

– random scribbling in my notebook, september 25th, 2011 –