about dwam

This blog is mostly experimental.

I’ve never properly blogged before.  Thus far, I’ve been treating Facebook as my primary means of communicating thoughts, spreading viral media, and keeping people up to date with the (mostly) awesome thing I call my existence.

I’ll try and keep things more or less separated out, but things I’d like to cover include:

  • life and times / self reflection / emo crap –  hey, i need to bitch/sap it up somewhere
  • hunter crap / WoW resources and anecdotes
  • food: eating and (occasional) preparation thereof
  • knitting and how it simultaneously keeps my loved ones warm while also preventing me from going into some kind of killing spree
  • random game / movie / book reviews

Once I’m less of a noob at this, I’ll post links to my other blogs as needed, as well as shamelessly plug my friends’ wicked blogs.

Oh, and a quick note:  I try and make sure that any and all images I use on my blog are my own, or at least linked to their place of origin.  I won’t be 100% successful with that, however, so I will at least try and note the original creator of the image.  My profile photo, for example, is one my sister Cat took.  See?  That’s dedication in action right there.


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