what a long, strange trip it’s been

ho hum

I apologize once again for the long delay.  I knew I’d be spending most of May in the Philippines, but I presumed I would have an abundance of free time as well as an internet connection.  Unfortunately, I was wrong on both counts, so now I’ll have to write about my travels well after the fact.  Those posts, I promise, will come with time.

For now the matter prime in my mind is the fact that I went to my first day of class today, for Network Administration and Security.  Anyone who reads this likely knows me personally and is aware of how stoked I am about this program.  If you somehow found this blog elseways, then I would presume that you don’t in fact know me, and am thoroughly pleased that you would find this blog at all.  Huzzah!  I must be doing something right.  Or horribly, horribly wrong.

Anyhow, this post is mostly an apology tacked onto a promise of things to come.  As a teaser, here’s my itinerary over the past two months or so:

oh, look. i’m on a plane again.

March 27th: Road trip to Seattle
April 18:  Flight from Vancouver to Toronto
April 25: Flight from Toronto to Vancouver
April 30: Drive & Ferry to Bowen Island
May 1: Drive & Ferry to Vancouver
May 5: Flight from Vancouver to Manila
May  16th: Flight from Manila to Kalibo; Shuttle from Kalibo to Caticlan; Boat from Caticlan to Boracay
May 19th: Boat from Boracay to Caticlan; Shuttle from Caticlan to Kalibo; Flight from Kalibo to Manila
May 22nd: Flight from Manila to Semirara; Flight from Semirara to Manila
May 25th: Flight from Manila to Vancouver
May 26th: Flight from Vancouver to Toronto;  Flight from Toronto to New York;  Drive to CT
May 27th: Drive to MA
May 28th: Drive further up into MA; Drive back to CT
May 29th: Drive from CT back to NY; Flight from New York to Toronto; Flight from Toronto to Vancouver
May 30th: Arrived in Vancouver at 3am due to crappy Torontonian thunderstorm
May 31st: First day of school

Fortunately, most of the driving was done by either Nate or my dearest Blair Bear. All in all, I’ve been a busy girl.  Somewhere in there, I even managed to get a fair chunk of writing done for S&S (my silly fantasy novel I’ve been working on for ages, the details of which I don’t want to divulge on here… at least, not yet).

SO!  Sorry for the hiatus;  I had very little access to that lifeblood of my geekish existence, the internet.

I promise, I’ll post real stuff soon ^_^ And I’m not George R R Martin, so you can totally take my word for that.  Totes m’goats.


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