nerd rush // x-men: first class almost makes up for wolverine. almost.

this is what you get when you take uncanny, astonishing, new, and x-treme, mix them all together and give them shiny new ideas to replace all the tired old ones

In typical nerd fashion, my friends and I made a b-line for the theatres once X-Men: First Class was released.  For a number of reasons, I really wasn’t expecting much more than a sore face.  You know, due to excessive facepalming.

What were those reasons?  There was the gruelling experience that had been X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Furthermore, the original posters for XMFC looked like they’d been done by an eight year old on MS Paint.  (Not the one on the right.  That one’s nice.)  And Kevin Bacon?  Really?  I don’t know if I can take a super-Bacon villain seriously.  I didn’t care about the shiny trailers;  the first fifteen minutes of X2 were mindblowing, but the rest was a disappointment.  By that logic, there was a high likelihood that this movie was going to suck.

I consider this one of many situations where I’m glad I turned out to be wrong.

X-Men: First Class was awesome.  In my opinion, absolutely nothing in the entire Marvel Universe could ever hope to make up for – or undo the emotional damage that was – X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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dwam experiences technological advancements

I finally learned how to show “Continue Reading” tabs!  Now my poor readers can simply click to see the whole article, and give their scroll buttons a rest.  Huzzah!

Besides that, it seems I’ve failed in my efforts to not choose the same theme as Frostheim did.  Ah well.  The closer I get to the hunter gods, I suppose.  Please leave feedback if you’re compelled to.  I’d hate to discover that you guys secretly hate the new theme.

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the philippines: a different kind of home

wednesday, may 5th to wednesday, may 25th
these isles are fair teeming with fam

Upon arriving at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, I felt my flat little nose collide with the wall of warm, humid air.  It was a smell as easily remembered as it is forgotten – one that seems to elude memory unless it is currently being experienced.  It was Manila, and it stank.  Still, once, it was home.

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what a long, strange trip it’s been

ho hum

I apologize once again for the long delay.  I knew I’d be spending most of May in the Philippines, but I presumed I would have an abundance of free time as well as an internet connection.  Unfortunately, I was wrong on both counts, so now I’ll have to write about my travels well after the fact.  Those posts, I promise, will come with time.

For now the matter prime in my mind is the fact that I went to my first day of class today, for Network Administration and Security.  Anyone who reads this likely knows me personally and is aware of how stoked I am about this program.  If you somehow found this blog elseways, then I would presume that you don’t in fact know me, and am thoroughly pleased that you would find this blog at all.  Huzzah!  I must be doing something right.  Or horribly, horribly wrong.

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